The DSplus Team Gives Back at Off the Street Club

The DSplus Team Gives Back at Off the Street Club

Giving back to the Chicago community is essential to us at DSplus. We recently had the pleasure of doing so on May 31 with a Group Volunteer Day at Off the Street Club. Founded in 1900, this organization is the oldest boys’ and girls’ club in the city, providing a safe environment for over 3,000 kids in one of Chicago’s most dangerous neighborhoods. Their mission is to offer a ray of hope in a city where families are affected by drugs, gangs and violence, and to give children the nurturing childhood they deserve. They provide after-school programs, tutoring and mentorship opportunities as well as summer programs to help keep these children safe and involved in their education.

During our time at Off the Street Club, we assisted with various tasks to improve the building that hosted all of these children after school. We refurbished chairs, repainted stairwells and the theatre, built garden boxes, and created a mural for the children to enjoy.

In short, we were honored to help make this facility a little better for the wonderful staff and children who walk through its doors every day. As most of the members of Off the Street Club are directly affected by drugs and violence and worry about their safety on a daily basis, we hope that this club helps provide them with the safe haven and comfort they deserve. Devoting our time to such initiatives is pertinent to our community, and we look forward to continuing to give back.

To learn more and explore Off the Street Club and volunteer opportunities, please visit:

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