2016 in the Rearview Mirror.

As we near the end of 2016, we want to look back at the exciting changes and enhancements we’ve made to your dealership’s DSplus program.


Earlier this year, you heard about a number of enhancements designed to offer your dealership new opportunities to reach customers and deliver more insights into your consumer base than ever. Here’s some of what we’re most proud of from this year:


CRM Connect

For those of you already taking advantage of the incredible insights available via our Most Likely Buyers product, you can now deliver those high-scoring MLB consumers directly to your CRM system with CRM Connect. This product enables your team to reach out to in-market customers and prospects at the right time, armed with intelligence from MLB. In your CRM, you’ll be able to see identified consumers’ Most Likely Buyers scores based on how likely they are to purchase in the near term, their contact information, and – where available – what they’re shopping on the web. Many dealerships have already taken advantage of this great technology (that comes at no additional cost to you) and have enjoyed great success so far! Looking for details? Contact your Account Executive.


Reynolds & Reynolds Certification

Many of you use Reynolds & Reynolds for your CRM or DMS, and we were excited to make this the year we officially became a Reynolds & Reynolds partner. This means that, if you use Reynolds & Reynolds, you can now securely stream your data via a Reynolds Certified Interface directly into the DSplus platform when you opt-in to DSplus DMS Connect. Interested in learning more about our Reynolds certification? Contact your Account Executive.


Fuel Gauge Reporting

Beginning in September, you began receiving DSplus Fuel Gauge push reports in your inbox. Fuel Gauge reporting includes details on your email campaign reach, engagement, linked transactions, and if applicable, Most Likely Buyers activity. Now you can have the latest DSplus program resuts in your email; you can even click through for additional insights, including your volume of opens, clicks, top key buying activities, linked sales and repair orders, and the breakdown of Most Likely Buyers by customers vs. prospects. Questions about your Fuel Gauge? Contact your Account Executive.


Standalone Advertising

In addition to being a TDDS-certified Social Media and Reputation Management provider, we launched our Standalone Social Advertising program. Whether you are new to social media advertising or a seasoned pro, we build custom solutions that drive traffic to your website and ultimately to your dealership. Are you ready to join the hundreds of dealers currently seeing success with our custom social advertising programs? Email us at Socialsupport@dsplus.co to learn more.


Dynamic Content (Coming Soon!)

We want to consistently communicate with your consumers using even more relevant messaging – and we’re currently building the technology to dynamically deliver automated, individualized content for each consumer in your DSplus email communications. With our upcoming dynamic content capability, we will anticipate and deliver content that reflects consumer wants and needs. Lead and contact forms will also soon be available directly within your DSplus communications to capture interested consumers and send them right to your CRM. Our dynamic content function will be launching in 2017—and we can’t wait for you to experience it!


Here’s to another great year ahead in 2017!