5.0 Platform Launch and New Product Suite


The launch of the new DSplus 5.0 platform is right around the corner! And in addition to delivering a fresh user experience, enhanced reporting and insights, and revamped Artificial Intelligence with the 5.0 platform, we have new products to maximize the power of your DSplus program.

Along with the AI-driven communications and customer engagement insights you are accustomed to, these three additional products will give your customers and prospects a seamless customer journey. Here’s a run-through of them!

GPS Program

The GPS program focuses on your lease-end customers who have one year or less left on their lease. Starting one year out from their lease-end date, this program sends communications to guide them back to your dealership with the tools and information they need to end their current lease and get into a brand-new Toyota. The program includes eight additional campaigns dedicated to the lease-end journey plus a new report in your platform that provides their lease-end date, estimated monthly payment, estimated equity, online shopping information, a buyer detection score, and their activity history.

Inventory Mover

Inventory Mover harnesses artificial intelligence to move vehicles off your lot while bringing a new level of personalization to your communications. Inventory Mover analyzes consumer behavior to determine which vehicles in your inventory are best for a consumer and dynamically serves up those vehicles through your DSplus communications. By marketing the exact VINs that are on your lot in your DSplus communications, this drives traffic directly to your inventory pages, monitors shopping behavior, seamlessly updates recommendations daily, and generates direct leads with an availability form.

Turnkey Social Advertising Suite

Our Turnkey Social Advertising Suite taps into what we know about your most in-market customers and uses that to deliver highly-targeted messaging across multiple campaigns via paid social media. The Turnkey Suite consists of campaigns to Conquest, Retain, and Retarget customers and prospects. Social Advertising is crucial because 32% of consumers use social media during the shopping journey and they spend 35 minutes on Facebook per day.

With the variety of products and technology that are now available within your existing DSplus program, this is a great time to discuss what products work best for your dealership and your team with your dedicated Account Executive. DSplus is here to bring a solution to any area of your business!