Add a Personal Touch to Your Communications

Customizing your outreach is a vital way to keep consumers engaged with your dealership – even when they’re not in the market for a new vehicle. Adding a personal touch to your communications is a perfect and proven way to foster engagement, and grow long-lasting relationships with customers.


That’s where your DSplus Monthly Newsletter drives in.


When you receive your monthly custom content reminders, make sure to fill your Account Executive in on all the news and events going on at your dealership. These could include sales events and incentives, local non-profits your dealership supports, community initiatives you’re behind, and more.


The highest engagement rates we’ve seen from our Newsletters come from articles regarding dealership-community relationships. Sharing these stories with your customers can change the way your hometown perceives your business: You’re not just selling cars, you’re also involved in making the community a better place for everybody.


Here are a few engagement-increasing suggestions based on recent Newsletter runs.

  • Get involved with a local animal shelter and feature a new cat or dog each month that’s up for adoption.
  • Find a local charity or shelter you can work with to raise money for its worthy cause.
  • Feature any contests you may offer your customers, and post about the winner. (You could also enter your test drive participants into a raffle and reward them with something big!)
  • Have a chili cook-off or a summertime barbeque with games and contests.


These are just a few of the ways dealerships have spotlighted their community involvement through the DSplus Newsletter. Let your Account Executive know of any ideas you have to engage your community!


And whatever you choose to do – take pictures for the Newsletter. Smiles often go that extra mile for customers.