Beyond turnkey: Put a personal spin on content

Beyond turnkey: Put a personal spin on content.

When you work with DSplus, you have access to a rich array of turnkey program features that make it easy for you to focus on growing your business. With Campaigns Plus, we are in constant communication with your database, delivering the right message at the right time through the full cycle of a customer’s Toyota buying and ownership experience. But there are many exciting ways to customize your program, too—allowing you to drill deep into strategic planning and reach out to consumers with your own messaging. Let’s start with reporting:

Most Likely Buyers provides insight into your customer’s shopping behavior and intensity to help your sales team prioritize outreach to those who are most likely to be in-market. You can view the report directly in the platform, or through the use of CRM Connect. CRM Connect allows this information to feed directly into your CRM to keep your sales team armed with the most up-to-date information. And you get to decide the score factor, daily max cap, and the days of the week those alerts push through! Want alerts every day of the week? Or would you rather have them push through on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday? Do you prefer the scores to be 9 and above? Do you want to receive no more than 7 per day? You tell us!

The Email Opportunities report shows your staff how your customers have interacted with DSplus Communications—a golden opportunity to fine-tune targeted content. This data can be exported to Excel and filtered to provide lists of consumers with specific interests. Is there a slow day in the service bay? The list can be filtered to show you consumers who have clicked on Service Coupons. Have excess Highlander Inventory? Filter the list to focus on Highlander intenders. According to your current needs, you get to pick!

Next, we’ll move into optimizing the newsletter and campaigns with Customizable Options.

Each month, you get to make your monthly email newsletter uniquely yours by deciding what your hero image and messaging will be. You have the ability to add up to three pieces of custom content per month, with the help of our in-house creative team!

Our new Premium Custom Content Articles make it easier than ever for you to capture your readers’ attention—by distilling the best content that we feel creates an impactful difference for each dealer. With topics ranging from model launches to seasonal road trips and lifestyle trends, Premium Articles offer unique ways to link Toyota models to fresh and interesting content. So, if you find yourself busy around Custom Week, or have limited content available, our library of Premium Articles will help you cross one more item off your busy monthly list!

Lastly, with our Smart-Targeted Follow-Up Campaigns, you can feature incentives and special offers—adding a custom dealer message to mirror your in-store focuses in both sales and service. This is an easy 3-step process that can be done right in the platform. Just go to your platform home page, click engage, click ‘my campaigns’, select the campaign you wish to edit, hit edit, and begin. It’s that easy!

Questions about customizing our program? Just reach out to your DSplus Account Executive to strategize what will work best for your dealership.