Boost Your Online Image with Review Solicitation

Boost Your Online Image with Review Solicitation

Has your dealership been receiving a growing number of negative online reviews lately? Are you concerned those negative reviews are outweighing the positive ones and turning away potential customers?

According to a recent DealerRater study, car shoppers are 5.3 times more likely to visit a dealership if they have a positive overall rating on a review site. By not paying attention to customer reviews, especially negative ones, you could be sending away potential customers without even realizing it.

As an addition to any of our DSplus Social Packages, we include an optional Review Solicitation email campaign that encourages happy customers to share their recent experience, and allows dealerships to directly address unhappy customers before they publish a negative review across the internet.

How does it work? Shortly after a customer purchases a vehicle or has a vehicle serviced at your dealership, they receive an automated email asking the customer if they were happy with the experience. If they choose yes, the happy customer is sent to a landing page that encourages them to share their positive experience on review sites through provided links.

If the customer says no, they are sent to a different landing page that asks for feedback on the negative experience. The customer’s comment is sent directly to your dealership via email so you can decide how you’d like to follow up and resolve the situation before the consumer damages your reputation by posting a negative review.

By encouraging positive reviews, and privately handling negative ones, Review Solicitation is the perfect solution to ensure you maintain a glowing reputation online for all current and future customers to see.

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