Our C-HR Campaign Was A Big Win!


Our C-HR Campaign Was A Big Win!

Last year, DSplus and our technology partner, Outsell, launched a sparkling campaign to welcome the all-new C-HR to the Toyota family. We were thrilled to be presented with a Bronze Stevie® Award at the 12th annual Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service for this campaign recently. But even more so, we’re thrilled at how it accelerated this vehicle from the lots of dealerships like yours.

The Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service are the world’s top honors for customer service, contact center, business development and sales professionals. The Stevie Awards organizes seven of the world’s leading business awards programs, including the prestigious American Business AwardsSM and International Business Awards®. It’s an honor that we’re proud to be a part of this year.

We designed this campaign to create awareness, encourage test drives and drive sales for over 200 participating dealerships. For several months prior to its launch in 2017, C-HR teaser emails were sent via each dealer’s sales database in order to gather behavioral data and measure interest in the new 2018 model. The subsequent launch campaign consisted of three main elements: First, a targeted initial ‘trigger’ email to spread awareness and send traffic to a second element—a custom Toyota C-HR microsite. Consumers were encouraged to schedule a test drive and browse local dealers’ inventory via the exclusive microsite. The third launch element was a targeted follow-up drip email to consumers who engaged in the initial email and microsite.

As a result of the campaign, over 200,000 consumers interacted with the C-HR launch emails and microsite, moving thousands of C-HRs off the lot for the participating dealers resulting in close to a million in revenue sales.

The campaign also featured fresh creative, prompting one of the judges of the Stevie Awards who evaluated this campaign to remark: “I can only imagine that car sales have to be the hardest sales job in the world. With many brands looking alike, trying to distinguish yourself from your competitors seems insurmountable. The program developed took traditional marketing with a new spin and emojis.”

It’s our honor to take home this prestigious award—and to keep creating campaigns that move your inventory!