The data you need-without the noise

The data you need-without the noise.

One of digital advertising’s main advantages over its traditional counterpart is the opportunity to track and analyze the return of your investment. From Paid Search to Social Media, many vendors are available to discuss how your account is performing, and exactly what you’re paying for. Unfortunately, cutting through the clutter can be difficult—with dozens of metrics to keep track of, specific marketing channel trends and best practices, and all of this coming at you while you’re just trying to close the month out.

That’s why DSplus developed the Fuel Gauge Push Report. This monthly report is sent right to your inbox, and keeps you up to date with the crucial information you want without clouding the air with unnecessary analytic explanations.

The first page of the report is simple – it focuses on four core metrics:

  • Reach: How many individuals are we communicating with? What type of individuals (customer or prospect)?
  • Engagement: Are these individuals opening the emails? Clicking on them? Being sent to dedicated landing pages on your website?
  • Financial: How many individuals that we’ve been communicating with have later come in to buy a new car? Used car? Service appointment?
  • In-Market Customers: How many people in my database are looking at vehicles? How many are in market? How many are very close to a purchase decision?

The display of this report is easy to read and digest, while offering a bit more critical analysis if you are interested.

After getting a general feel for how your account is performing, you can click ‘View More Results’ to find a breakdown of this performance, showing the difference between customers and prospects, new and used vehicles, and even specific metrics about the click type, browser type (new or returning), and in-market shopper distinctions.

If you or your team would like to receive the Monthly Fuel Gauge Push Report in your email inbox, reach out to your Account Executive today to get set up!