On-Demand is here. And so is your next big sales streak.

As you’ve likely heard via our recent DSpost newsletters or your Account Executive, On-Demand Campaigns are here! They give you the ability to engage with your customers directly with customized, targeted email communications to help meet your unique sales goals and close the sale.

Here are some best practices to keep in mind when creating On-Demand Campaigns:

Tip 1

If you plan to create more than one On-Demand Campaign in a short time period, always create your highest priority campaign first. In order to limit over-sending, the system may exclude a portion of recipients that overlap in your subsequent campaigns, and priority will be given to the first campaign created.

Tip 2

Avoid creating the exact same On-Demand Campaign more than once in a 30-day period. The reason being: Your second send of that campaign will likely have a low volume since many of those people may have already received that same campaign recently.

Tip 3

If you are creating more than one On-Demand Campaign in a short time period, you will get better volume on your subsequent campaigns if you pick “Move a Model” vehicles that are a different segment from one another, because they will have more distinct audiences.

Tip 4

You can create offers that focus on vehicle incentives for specific models, or promote upcoming dealership sales events. You can also review how these customized campaigns performed by checking the performance reports to gain key insights for your next On-Demand Campaign send.

Be sure to contact DSplus at support@dsplus.co to learn more about best practices when creating On-Demand Campaigns!