Get to know Campaigns Plus, and how to get added benefits.

With the new 5.0 platform’s sleek and simplified interface, customizing offers and messages in your campaigns is faster and easier than ever. But in order to get the most out of your Campaigns Plus program, we have several recommendations.

First, we highly recommend that you customize your smart-targeted campaigns with strong offers each month. Selecting your own offer message for each campaign showcases your dealership to your consumers in a more effective manner.

You can customize nine individual sales campaigns and four service campaigns within the platform. If you have specific deals you’d like to feature for that month, you can choose to customize only a few campaigns. You can also add a personal message to ensure that your dealership’s key values and traits are shared with your customers and prospects.

The 5.0 platform makes it simple to view and edit your campaigns, presenting them on one page. With this improved feature, you can quickly edit messages and offers so you can send updated and relevant content every month.

At DSplus, we’re prepared to help you get the most out of your campaigns. Find out more about how Campaigns Plus can benefit your business by contacting us at!