Give Your Inventory A Boost

Boost Your Inventory

Our Inventory Mover product can really take your Campaigns Plus program to the next level by seamlessly integrating the inventory sitting on your lot into all communications. And there are a few features to it that can help you get even more value out of your investment. One of them is “boosting” specific vehicles from your lot.

Boosting vehicles means choosing specific vehicles from your lot that you would like to have included in the communications sent to as many customers interested in that type of vehicle as possible. For example, if you have a red truck that you have been struggling to sell, you can boost that and it will be more likely to be served to truck intenders.

Boosting vehicles is very easy. Simply click on the ‘Inventory’ button in the top right, and you will be able to see all of the vehicles on your lot. Once you find the vehicle you want, simply click on the ‘Boost’ button below the picture of the vehicle on the left.

Want to hear more about Boosting vehicles with Inventory Mover and how it could potentially work for your dealership? Contact today.