Go farther with Inventory Mover

Inventory Mover now has an “On-Demand” campaign component that allows you to see which customers are engaging with your content and then engage them directly with customized, targeted communications. Inventory Mover still harnesses artificial intelligence to bring a new level of personalization to your communications, and help move more vehicles off your lot. Combining insights with your dealership’s selected top 10 boosted vehicles, this program dynamically matches and serves up vehicles in your inventory that are best suited for each would-be buyer.

Here are some key benefits of Inventory Mover:

  1. Drives traffic directly to your inventory: Serves up only the inventory that is applicable to each individual consumer, driving them directly to your inventory pages.
  2. Generate leads: In just two clicks, consumer leads are directly in your CRM with the specific VIN of interest.
  3. Updates recommendations seamlessly: As inventory is rotated, Inventory Mover seamlessly updates recommendations from the updated inventory.
  4. Monitors shopping behavior: Updates recommendations daily as it monitors active consumer shopping behavior and activity.

Dealerships that are using Inventory Mover saw a 15% increase in linked sales in the first 6-months of integration, and Google Analytics reported a 50% increase in monthly VDP views generated by DSplus. Lastly, with the help of Inventory Mover, dealerships saw 2-4 additional linked sales per month.

Want to hear more about Inventory Mover and how it can work for your dealership? Contact DSplus today!