Good Hygiene is Important for Your Database, Too.

Did you know 30% of subscribers change their email address annually? Because of this, there are customers in your database who have incorrect or missing email addresses, hindering your dealership from digitally targeting them.


That’s where eAppend can help.


eAppend is a data hygiene process that increases your ability to retain customers and provides more opportunity for targeted outreach throughout the customer lifecycle across email channels.

Here’s how it works:
  1. We first identify records within your CRM and DMS database that are undeliverable or have a missing email address.
  2. Next, we append the most relevant email address to the dealership’s records based on first name, last name, and physical address.
  3. Once an email address has been identified and matches the dealer’s records, we will deliver a friendly opt-in or opt-out email message to those users, and allow for a 10 day opt-out period.
  4. If the appended email address users do not respond, we will opt-them in to receive the dealership’s campaigns.
  5. These emails will then be added to the dealership’s database to receive future campaigns and provide the records’ added volume to the dealership.


The benefits of running a database eAppend are countless. This process can increase your addressable email database from 10-35%, increase your ability to retain current customers, ensure that your email addresses are valid and safe, and help improve program results. The process takes 30 days from receipt of a signed contract and a minimal one-time fee.


Contact your Account Executive to get the eAppend process started today!