Google Analytics: Get to know your traffic

Want to get to know the people visiting your website, reading your newsletters and opening your smart-targeted campaigns? Google Analytics can help with that! This platform provides behavioral and engagement insights that will assist in giving context to these individuals—and that’s important, because not everyone follows the same path.

With the immense data that Google Analytics provides, knowing how to navigate and digest this data is critical. To see where your DSplus campaigns fall into place with your other digital channels, visit the “Acquisition” tab, click the “Source/Medium” report and find our email traffic, labeled “dsplus/email.” If looking for specific campaign performances, head on over to the “All Campaigns” report under the “Acquisition” tab. From here you’ll find each email campaign we are sending out to your customers.

In time, Google Analytics will help tell a story about how your DSplus campaign traffic may have led to a purchase, and you can use these insights to make informed decisions about how best to reach your new and existing customers through marketing.

Want to hear more about how we use Google Analytics and see if it would potentially work best for you and your dealership needs? Contact DSplus today.