GPS is Going to Market

DSplus is thrilled to bring another 5-star product to dealerships nationwide! Our GPS lease retention program is now available for purchase to all Toyota dealerships.


The GPS program engages returning lease customers in a personalized, process-informed and product-rich customer journey – and guides them toward the purchase or lease of a new Toyota. This program provides strategic email communications from your dealership to your lease customers who have 12 months or less remaining on their lease, as well as an in-depth report showing where your customers are at in the lease lifecycle.


The report provides various tools, such as a Most Likely to Lease score, online shopping behavior, and sales and service history so your team can have a smart and effective follow-up. You also have the ability to include a custom offer and message in your email communications. Use these areas to include your ‘Lease Champions’ contact information and an enticing offer to drive your customers back to your dealership.


This program has run as a pilot program in both the Denver and New York regions and has seen great results! After 9 months in the New York region, we’ve seen a higher retention rate with lessees who’ve engaged with GPS communications (55.1%) compared to those who haven’t (48%). GPS communications have also seen above-average engagement rates starting as early as a full year out, and the engagement continues to increase over time with content consumption evolving as each lessee nears their maturity date.


To learn more details about the GPS program, please contact your appropriate Account Executive to schedule a demo. Let’s work together to create lifelong Toyota loyalists!