Keep your inventory going places

Keep your inventory going places.

It’s a brand-new year! And we are looking forward to showing you some of our brand-new products, now available in your DSplus platform. We are especially excited to share our latest product, Inventory Mover.

Inventory Mover harnesses artificial intelligence to move vehicles off your lot while bringing a new level of personalization to your marketing communications. And, it analyzes consumer behavior to determine which vehicles in your inventory are best for a consumer, and dynamically serves up those vehicles through your DSplus campaigns.

So, what does all this mean for you?

1. Drives traffic directly to your inventory pages. Serves up only the inventory that is applicable to each individual consumer, driving them directly to your inventory pages to move more vehicles.

2. Updates recommendations seamlessly as inventory is rotated. As inventory is moved off your lot, Outsell Inventory Mover seamlessly updates recommendations from the updated inventory.

3. Monitors shopping behavior and updates recommendations daily. This product keeps you in-the-know with daily recommendations as it monitors active consumer shopping behavior and activity.

4. Generates direct leads with the availability form. Using what is already known about the consumer and the vehicle, the lead submission is simple. In just two clicks, the consumer is in your CRM system with the specific VIN of interest.

Like what you’re reading? Please reach out to your Account Executive to learn more about Inventory Mover and how you can get in on all the action!