Keep your lessees going places with GPS.

With the new 5.0 platform up and running, there are now more ways than ever to get the most out of the DSplus program. Like our “Go Places Sooner” Lease Retention product—an exciting program that extends and complements Toyota Financial Services’ customer outreach efforts during the last 14 months of the lease lifecycle, guiding the customer toward the purchase or lease of a new Toyota.

Go Places Sooner (GPS) is designed to engage lessees further out from maturity to increase conversion rates. It includes a multi-channel messaging strategy across social and email. Email communications are sent to all your lessees who have 1 year or less left on their lease, and have a valid email address on file. You have the option of customizing a message or a dealer-specific offer to include in the email communications to further intrigue your lessees. We then target your lessees who are deemed unreachable via email on social media. We have found that 90% of current email-unreachable customers are reachable on social. The social outreach targets these lessees starting 14 months out from lease-end, and continues to encourage them to get in touch with the dealership and guide them towards a purchase or a new lease. The social campaign reaches an average of 70% of your reachable audience each month, while averaging a cost-per-click of less than $3 and maintaining a frequency of 5-12 ads per month.

This two-pronged campaign approach allows us to engage more lessees and drive sales for your dealership. On average, our dealerships in the GPS program see approximately 5 linked sales per month and 11 linked repair orders per month.

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