Dive into our RAV4 Hybrid Case Study

Having invented the compact-crossover SUV segment with the introduction of the 1996 RAV4, Toyota set out to make another breakthrough with the launch of its new, radiant RAV4 Hybrid.


Our goal with providing launch support, was to appeal to forward-thinking hybrid enthusiasts who, while excited by technology, are constantly seeking ways to reduce their impact on the environment.

Our goals for this launch:

  1. Differentiate the newly redesigned Toyota RAV4 Hybrid as one of the most tech-savvy, powerful and fuel-efficient crossover SUVs on the market.
  2. Drive awareness, test drives and sales for participating Toyota dealers across the country.
  3. Infuse excitement and emotion into the category’s extremely rational conversations.


Mirroring “tap and swipe” interactions used on mobile devices, the execution was just as conceptual—navigating the user east, west, north and south, to discover all the places you could go and all the things you could do. The design was clean and tight—infused with blue, green and brown tones to reflect earth-friendliness.

So, how did we do?

  1. The conquest program engaged 9,598 prospects who opened the campaign.
  2. 393 people clicked within some element of the campaign, and 289 unique people arrived at the RAV4 Hybrid microsite.
  3. 94 engagers attempted to schedule a test-drive, and 117 clicked on “Find Us” links.


The creative work illustrated the hybrid versatility of this crossover, while playing up its features in the context of different shades of adventure. Launches are always an exciting time, and we are always thrilled to help support these amazing new vehicles.


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