Sell Smarter, Not Harder with Most Likely Buyers

DSplus Most Likely Buyers is a buyer-detection tool which tips dealers off to when customers and prospects are in-market.


Is a former prospect showing strong signs of buying again? Is a long-time customer shopping the competition? The Most Likely Buyers program lets you know about these consumers before your competition and helps you keep their attention focused solely on your dealership.


How to prepare to reach out to your Most Likely Buyers:
  • Pull the report twice a week. We recommend Monday in order to see who’s been shopping over the weekend, and Thursday or Friday to get ready for weekend calls.
  • Consider the DSplus CRM Connect component to push DSplus Most Likely Buyers directly to your CRM (currently a no-cost add-on to your Most Likely Buyers).
  • Start with consumers who score between 7-10; these are the people most likely to be in-market. We will continue to actively engage lower scorers as part of your DSplus program communications to guide them along their shopping journey.
  • Before reaching out to identified consumers, research the consumer using your DMS or CRM. You can find valuable details about their purchase and service history, which salesperson they’ve worked with in the past, whether they have a trade-in, and how they prefer to be contacted (phone or email). These details will help you know more about how to effectively approach the consumer.
  • Assign a point person on your team to assist other team members using DSplus’ Most Likely Buyers program. As always, if you need additional training, just ask your DSplus Account Executive.
  • Remember that these aren’t explicit leads and the Vehicles Shopped data is proprietary, sensitive information. The consumer may not have submitted their interest on your site, so you need to be respectful. If your first statement or email to the consumer references data from the Vehicles Shopped information on the consumer, such as “We saw you were interested in a 2016 Camry and we have some in stock”, the consumer may feel alienated and confused. This makes them unlikely to respond well to your outreach – so remember that you’re likely to be the most successful when you ask open-ended questions to get the consumer talking.
How to speak to your Most Likely Buyers:
  • It’s important to remember that these consumers may not be explicit leads – they are likely to buy, but they may not have raised their hand to be contacted. This means that your approach should be framed as a “check-in.”
  • When talking to customers who purchased more than a year ago and are now high-scoring, ask about their last vehicle and whether it’s still meeting their needs. You can also mention that you’re always looking for high-quality trades and suggest inventory or incentives based on any Vehicles Shopped data for that consumer.
    • Note: Your MLB report helps you anticipate questions and know your consumer prior to reaching out, but we recommend not mentioning specific online activity tracked.
  • When talking to prospects who have not purchased from you, try asking them how their last experience at the dealership went. You can offer your assistance and inquire whether their needs have changed – ask about the vehicle they were originally interested in at your dealership. You could start with a line like “The last we knew, you were an SUV buyer. Is that still right?”
Other ways to make the most of Most Likely Buyers:
  • Keep your list clean by utilizing the “Exclude Customer” function located in the platform. This function allows you to remove customers from your DSplus Most Likely Buyers report that you’ve made contact with, and it also provides us with feedback to improve our models in the future.
  • Follow up consistently. While you’ll need to find the cadence that works best for you, we recommend following up 3 times in the first two weeks. After the first two weeks, check in weekly via email or phone, and after the first month of outreach, reach out every other week. This means you’ll be in front of the consumer regularly, but won’t be too high touch.


The DSplus program is meant to help you more effectively connect with your customers and prospects, and Most Likely Buyers helps you do that. We’re always here to help make the program work harder for you!


Call your DSplus Account Executive to review your Most Likely Buyers report today!