Set Goals with Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an incredibly useful tool that allows you to analyze in-depth details about the visitors to your website. It provides valuable insights that can help you shape the success strategy at your dealership. At DSplus, we have the ability to view and analyze this data on your behalf, and use it as an additional resource to advise you on how best to utilize our program.

One way to help you get the most out of Google Analytics is to set up goals. Goals measure how well your website fulfills your target objectives, which can vary dealership to dealership.

Here are the 4 different types of goals you can set up:

  • Destination: A specific location on your website loads (ex: someone clicks-through to your inventory page)
  • Duration: Sessions that last a specific amount of time or longer (ex: 5 minutes or longer spent on your website)
  • Pages/Screens per Session: User views a specific number of pages or screens on your website (ex: 5 pages or screens have been loaded)
  • Event: An action defined as an event is triggered (ex: video play, VDP click, service appt. scheduled., etc.)

Once you have set up your goals, you can then track the goal completion rates, or conversion rates, in the Google Analytics dashboard. Goal conversions will appear in multiple reports, and they will only be tracked from that time forward, not retroactively.

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