Social Advertising: To follow or unfollow?

You’ve posted on Facebook, shared photos via Instagram, or used some form of social media or other in your free time. But what is social advertising? Does it bring real value to help drive your dealership forward?


The three-letter answer is “Yes!”


Social Advertising is a power player that’s shuffling all the rules of the online advertising landscape. For starters, it can really help step up awareness for your dealership. It can also play a proactive role in identifying in-market customers before they even begin their search. And the best part? It offers an array of targeting options—so you can reach audiences based on several qualifiers such as location, demographics, and even their areas of interest.


Social Advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways to drive traffic to your website, establish brand presence, find valuable leads, and target prospects through popular social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. And, it can tangibly drive sales and rack up revenue.


At DSplus, we take the guesswork out of Social Advertising with customized strategies designed to deliver powerful results. We work exclusively with Toyota to provide social advertising services to over 70 dealerships nationwide. Our solutions are based on our in-depth knowledge of the Toyota brand, as well as the analytical tools we use to gather sharp insights into customer behavior. So much so that our social advertising solutions integrate these key strategic insights with data-driven results.


So whether you’re new to the social media advertising game, or a seasoned pro in the world of “likes,” tweets and follows, our tailored solutions are bound to have more customers kicking the tires on your lots. Our social media strategists are always on call to offer personalized support to your dealership with key reports and metrics, so you can so what’s working—and how.


So the only question that remains is: Are you ready for some crazy-good results?


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