What’s Working for Custom Content

Finding the best Custom Content topics for your newsletter each month can sometimes be difficult. Luckily, we are here to give you some great Custom Content insights into what topics have been performing well so next month’s choices are a breeze!

Topic 1: Vehicle Focus (Incentive-Based):

Want to talk to an all-new Toyota model or highlight exciting features of one of Toyota’s best-selling vehicles? Articles written on specific models are always getting high unique clicks, and what better time to grab a customer’s attention than the New Year? Pop in an exciting offer on the vehicle to make it even better. Customers love deals, and so do we!

Topic 2: Parts & Service Offers:

Want customers to take advantage of your great Parts & Service offerings? An article detailing your latest offers always is a big hit with your consumer base. Whether it’s delivering parts right to your door, special deals, or new services, no one can resist a good deal. Show customers how you can keep your Toyota a Toyota with wonderful specials and the best deals.

Topic 3: Community Events:

Do you have an exciting event going on in your community? Bring it in to your DSplus Newsletter! Community Events get a ton of engagement as consumers love hearing how you are involved. Make sure to have all of the details ready so our team has a ton of content to make your newsletter stand out!

If Custom Content is something you think could benefit your dealership, please reach out to support@dsplus.co and ask for more information on our program. And stay tuned for more helpful information that DSplus has to offer!